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Robin proactively searches the internet for sensitive information and notifies the owners when it's possible. You can find more information here.


Answers to a few frequently asked questions.

  • Why do you do it?

    Many people may not know their accounts have been compromised. I send these emails as a service to let people know so they can take action.

  • Where do you find the information?

    This data is found in many different locations. You may find this information by simply searching for your username or email address.

  • Why do subscription emails come from

    Emails sent from are sometimes flagged as spam. Subscription emails come from to try and ensure delivery.

  • How much is a subscription?

    Individual subscriptions are free. If you are interested in receiving notifications for your entire domain, please contact me at [email protected]

  • You hacked me!

    No. I did not hack you. I also have not tried to log in to anything using your password. I am only notifying you that I ran across information which may belong to you.

  • What do you want?

    Nothing. You don’t owe me anything. If you insist, you can donate to support the future of this project – or just send me a thank you note.

  • Have you ever come across my information?

    You can check if I’ve ever contacted you here.

  • Please don’t email me again.

    Unless you've subscribed, only one email per email address is ever sent. However, if you’d like to ensure that you'll never hear from me again, please click here .


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These donations are used to fund hosting, fund additional data sources, or buy me coffee/beer.

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You can check here to see if I've ever run across your information.


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I only send one email per address. However, if you wish, you may opt-out of future notifications here.